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Are you a do-er? Like to work with your hands? Have no choice but to work with your hands all day? 

They're only ten fingers and two palms, but our hands are essential tools that we need everyday. If your highly-active hands bleed easily and/or hurt to the touch or burn a little when you wash them, it's time to protect them with Shield Butter Bits. They bond with the outermost layer of your skin, building an invisible wall that protects the skin from moisture robbing irritants and harsh weather while locking in skins' natural oils. 

Shield Butter Bits contain warming plant powders such as ðŸŒ¶ Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon, Ginger & Turmeric infused in organic Rice bran oil. To increase the healing properties,  Cinnamon, Ginger and Black Pepper essential oils are added as well. 


These ingredients increase blood flow and circulation, slow visible signs of aging and may help relieve inflammation and pain. Plants are amazing!


Butter Bits are colored with plants, not Mica! Shield Butter Bits contain a mix of Sapphire Wolf Berry aka Goji berry, Lilac Taro Yam, Purple Sweet Potato and Paprika powder. Natural dye powders from plants, instead of Mica, nourish the skin and transfer the benefits through the body’s largest external organ, your skin! These natural colorants are superfoods that add anti-oxidants to your hand lotion; faster regenerations of cells, promote collagen production and decrease sensitivity to UV rays. 


Healthy skin provides a barrier between you and the outside world. Shield Butter Bits strengthen and cover your skin with plant butters and plant-based wax and protect it from repetitive work, changing temperatures and chemical exposure. No wonder "thick skin" is an expression for showing strength and endurance! 


Shield Butter Bits lotion bars

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  • Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Candellila vegan wax, Cayenne pepper Cinnamon infused Rice bran oil, Cinnamon, Ginger & Black Pepper essential oils, Jojoba oil, Glycerine, Tapioca powder, Purple Sweet Potato for color. All organic. 

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