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 Frequently Asked Questions 
Get some answers!

1 - What are Butter Bits? 
Butter Bits are single serving solid lotion bars that melt in your hands. The intense moisture from Butter Bits heals and protects irritated and extra dry skin. Since they are colored by plants, Butter Bits are (super) food for your skin. 
The butters and waxes in Butter Bits take a minute to absorb but coat and nourish your skin. 
Great for over-worked or over-washed hands!     
All ingredients are organic, with no additives or preservatives. Butter Bits are the perfect replacement for expensive lotions and creams that don't last in plastic packaging that never goes away. Butter Bits provide moisture that lasts in packaging that doesn't.  
2- What do Butter Bits smell like? 
Essential oils are used to naturally add fragrance to Butter Bits. That's why the smell is mild, nothing like you get at Bath and Body or other overly perfumed products. Butter Bits are also colored with plants, not Mica, so they have more beneficial properties that get absorbed through your skin. The ingredients are listed on the website in detail. 
3-How many Butter Bits are in a box? 
There are 50 Butter Bits in 1 pillow box; Approximately 2 oz. 
There are also 2 sizes of refillable jars. The small one holds 100 Butter Bits and a large holds 200.  You can choose any of the Butter Bits options available. 
If you wanna be a true sustainability pioneer, you can opt out of the packaging altogether, refill your own jars and get 'Just the Bits' in a compostable bag. 
With Butter Bits, you've got plenty of options that are both nice to the environment and good for your wallet. 
4 - I haven't tried Butter Bits. Can I get a sample?
Yes! Checkout the Sample page. 

There are approximately 20 Bits in each Sample box. All 7 varieties of Butter Bits are included! 

5 - How do you use Butter Bits? 
Butter Bits are tiny hard lotion bars made from plant-based butters, waxes and oils in zero-waste 'to go' dispenser. Butter Bits are tiny hard lotion bars made from plant-based butters, waxes and oils in zero-waste 'to go' dispenser. The  Butter Bits stay clean inside the box and roll out with a little shake. 
Just warm the Butter Bit in your hands till it softens. Be patient, you have to rub them in for a minute or two to have all the oils, butters and waxes melt into and penetrate your skin. 
Butter Bits are not just for hands. You can apply them wherever you have dry skin.

6 -  Why do Butter Bits feed your skin ? 
Butter Bits are superfood for your dry, over-worked or over-washed skin, specifically on your hands. These single-serving solid lotion bars are made and colored with plants-based ingredients and nourish, protect and  feed the skin with various nutrients. Your skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs the contents of your cream. 
They work so well, you won't question replacing your expensive lotions and hand creams with Butter Bits. 🌶🧄🫒

7 -Which Butter Bits is right for me?
Take the quiz on and find out!

8 -Is there a deal for new customers? How about a sample?
Yes! There are 2 DEALS!
1- NEW CUSTOMERS get 50% off a full VARIETY pack with 50 Butter Bits. ( Offer doesn't include Autofill 

Use code VARIETY. 🤩🤑

2- SAMPLE - try all 6 varieties by placing an order for the Sample, which has approximately 20 Bits. After a few days of using Butter Bits, your hands will be soft even after you wash them because the moisture sinks deep into your skin. The samples are only $5 and shipping is included. 👍😍

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