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Choose between 50, 100 or 200 naturally detergent-free  Calendula Turmeric Soap Bits, made without any artificially-made or petroleum-based detergents. 


What does Turmeric do to the skin when applied topically?

Turmeric's benefits are many; It has purifying and calming powers that boost circulation, which not only makes the skin on your hands look more even and youthful, but also feel it. 

Turmeric is fantastic for spots and blemishes. It inhibits the production of the pigment responsible for dark spots. Sun exposure, pollution and other external irritants give way to the creation of free radicals. Luckily, turmeric fights skin-damaging molecules and dials down the potential effects of environmental damage.

What does Calendula do to the skin when applied topically?

Another one of the major benefits of turmeric for your skin is its' ability to boost collagen production and speed up the body's ability to form new, healthy tissue! Turmeric slows down aging. That means less fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. 

With regular use, a turmeric-based product can help these tell-tale signs of aging fade away naturally to give skin a more even-toned appearance.

Calendula is the other dominant ingredient in these Soap Bits. It calms the skin and even goes  skin deep and soothes  the joints and muscles. In the age of Covid, Calendula's antifungal and antimicrobial properties come in handy! ( Pun intended. ) 


What is the difference between soap and detergent? 

Detergent loosens and removes soil and dirt from many surfaces but detergents can be drying on the skin, and strip the body’s natural oils. Detergent is made of man-made products and soap is made of natural ingredients. Phosphates, a common ingredient in detergents, builds up in waterways and leads to algae blooms that can starve fish and other plant life of oxygen. Booo!


Non-detergent soap has no synthetic material or petroleum detergent and is made up of only natural oils and fats. Yayyy! 


Soap Bits is a mild, skin-nourishing single-serving soap that leave your skin feeling clean, soft, and healthy. Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with a single-serving soap bar made with organic oils and plant butters and pure essential oils. Gentle, yet effective , Soap Bits is skincare that’s free of harsh chemicals, Soap Bits are meant to leave your skin looking and feeling its' best. 


They might not foam as much as you'd generally expect, but they clean just the same. 



Calendula Turmeric Soap Bits

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  • If your Butter Bits arrive broken, damaged or melted into a giant block of lotion bar ( and you don't like it ), please take, save and send a picture of the damage and you'll get new Butter Bits. Easy peasy! Ship within 1-3 Days with First Class mail.

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