Variety Pack

Variety Pack

It's really hard to choose which ButterBit you want so here are 6-8 Bits from each variety ( Winter, Summer, Clean, Relief, Beauty, Calm ) to try. Not only are all the ingredients organic and vegan ( no beeswax ) but they are all colored by plants, which make them even better for your skin. Imagine all that nutrition seeping into your skin through your pores. ButterBits are also oil based and won't evaporate like lotion does. These goodies stay on your skin so much longer than the water-based lotions. Checkout the ingredients in every variety on the product pages to see which one is right for your skin and if you might have an allergy to any one of the ingredients. 

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  • 50 ButterBits

    There are approximately 50 ButterBits in one Pillow Box