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Does your skin turn red and itchy even when you look at a Bed & Bath product? It might smell great but your skin reacts to the moisturizer like it's toxic.

As a matter of fact, scents and perfumes are highly irritating, along with other products in water-based lotions, like preservatives and silicones.

Pure Butter Bits lotion bars are lotion bars for dry sensitive skin; They are made with the lowest allergy potential ingredients like Babassu Butter and Aloe Butter, loaded with beneficial minerals and vitamins to provide relief to skin irritations and rashes. 

They soften as soon as they come in contact with your skin and leave it with a coated and protected layer that lasts until you wash your hands. These lotion bars intentionally have a thicker dough like texture initially and spread softly and evenly over the skin in a few seconds. 


There is no color added to Pure Butter Bits but they are coated with ultra-soothing Tapioca powder that keeps them clean, dry and fresh. Tapioca powder also helps breakdown harder butters such as Babassu Butter and absorbs any leftover oil from the Aloe butter. Tapioca powder is naturally gluten free! It has beneficial minerals and vitamins that help strengthen your skin. It is a natural anti-irritant and fights inflamed skin while adding a creamy texture to Pure lotion bars.


Pure Butter Bits lotion bars for dry sensitive skin in compostable packaging

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  • Kokum butter Babassu butter, Neem butter, Aloe butter, Candelilla plant-based wax, Tapioca powder, Zinc oxide All Organic. 

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