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Add this one thing to your sunscreen before going to the beach

Everyone wants healthy and youthful skin but with so many voices and products to choose from, how do we find the right combination of advice, treatments, and procedures to maximize our unique and beautiful bodies… without accidently damaging them as well.

How do we navigate, process, and apply the endless supply of information bombarding our overworked brains without taking a wrong turn? To these questions I say to you “moderation”.

When I lived in California, I had a friend who lived by the beach but was fearful of the sun. Can someone say “irony”? She didn’t do much outside but when she did, she would cover herself from head to toe in overly baggy ivory-white clothing. In my dear friend’s defense, too much sun isn’t good for your skin.

woman white dress beach
my friend staring into the water as her hat flew off

However, too little sun robs the brain of serotonin and Vitamin D leading to depression, osteoporosis, and broken bones… which isn’t good for the rest of the body.

So, what’s the solution? How do we enjoy the sun, and it’s benefits without the unwanted side effects?

Simple… find a happy medium…. practice moderation! Enjoy the sun but avoid artificial sun blockers that rob the body of hydration, nutrients, and are now proven to soak into the blood stream. The effects of sunscreens' ingredients on our body is still unknown, but a new study published in the medical journal, JAMA, referenced in an ABC news article, finds that certain active ingredients can be absorbed into the bloodstream after use. Results from our study released today show there is evidence that some sunscreen active ingredients may be absorbed.” said Dr. Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA, Center for Drug

Evaluation and Research, in a recent press release.

All-natural butter-based products like Butter Bits protect your skin from the sun without risking skin dehydration and blood contamination. We want our loyal users to feel svelte and supple… but more importantly, we want you healthy and well. This is why each Butter Bit variation is formulated to provide specific and special effects, but all Butter Bits offer sun protection.

Beauty Butter Bits utilize retinol to remove dead and damaged skin while rose pedal oil and vitamin C build skin back better.

Clean Butter Bits are full of antimicrobial properties, derived from tea tree oil, but they also provide UV protection with the power of spinach.

Calm Butter Bits contains aloe, chamomile, and turmeric to battle skin inflammation while vitamin C and E further fortify the skins natural defenses.

Shield Butter Bits contain an assortment of skin protecting elements like Cayan pepper and turmeric to coat skin. However, it also contains liquorish root extract which boosts skin defense against UV rays, producing antioxidant molecules that protect from the sun.

Relief utilizes Ginseng to battle aches and pains, but it also includes sesame oil which offers the strongest natural UV protection available at 30%.

Repel’s main ingredient is citronella, which fights bugs, but it also contains Green tea extract which has oxidants called poly fennels to make skin more resistant from UV radiation and protect cells from damage caused by sunburn.


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