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The only moisturizer nurses need to heal their hands.

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

When i was in kindergarten, I remember every little girl in the class yelled out "Nurse" in response to the teachers' question. What do you want to be when they grow up? Every girl wanted to be a nurse and every boy wanted to be a pilot. Not me. I knew how hard being a nurse would be.

Today, I have nurse friends that actually confess how hard, but rewarding, it is to be a nurse. Besides the long hours, they complain about their hands and how dry their skin feels.

The hospital requires repeated hand washing with medical grade soap, exclusively designed to sanitize while at the same time turn beautiful skin into rough leather gloves.

These soaps were destroying their skins' natural balance of oils. Especially during the Covid pandemic, they not only washed their hand a lot more often but they had added sanitizing to routine. Their excessive washing and sanitizing at work and at home made the inflammation and irritation worst.

The widespread frequent hand washing and sanitizing that came about during the pandemic didn't just affect nurses. Everyone was chanting 'wash your hands' for months and wash and sanitize we did, until our skin dried out, cuticles hardened and nails started breaking off.

I myself was the victim of this excessive hand washing; it had turned the wrinkles on my hands into deep lines and left my skins' texture rough, with cuts and scratches.

The disposable gloves that had to be repeatedly changed made it all worst; everything from the material of the gloves, latex, nitrile or vinyl, irritated their skin and didn't let their skin breathe. The light powder coating the gloves dried their skin out even more.

Painful hands and itchy dry skin made their hard job even harder. Their solution was to use the same lotion they were using before the pandemic but used it more often.

I had just created Butter Bits as a solution to my overly dry hands and gave some out to my nurse friends to try. In just 1 week, they reported back with great results. They had applied Butter Bits only a few times per day but were seeing better results than using their regular lotion more times per day.

They said that Butter Bits stayed on their skin much longer than their water-based lotion and felt like a protective layer was covering their skin. Butter Bits are oil-based and unlike water-based lotions, they don't rub off so easily once they soak in. They are literally feeding antioxidant rich nutrients to your skin while coating and protecting your skin. They loved the silky feeling of Butter Bits on their skin and the smooth irritation free skin that was left at the end of the day. Once they let the Butter Bits soak into the skin for a minute, they were good for 3-4 washes. Butter Bits are apparently hard to rub off!

Butter Bits had repaired and protected their skin with natural ingredients that apparently had worked. I was happy I hadn't skimped on the quality of the ingredients because it made all the difference. All the ingredients are organic and so plant-based that they are even colored with plants!

Butter Bits had changed their skin in just one week. Their skin tone was more even, their nails were harder, their skin felt thicker and their lines were just a little less prominent. Butter Bits ended up being the right solution for people who have extremely dry skin that's thirsty for deep moisture, which let's face it, with all our excessive hand washing and sanitizing, almost everyone! #butterbitseverywhere


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