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do you have chronic dry skin?

Do you have dry spot that come out the minute you don't apply lotion after the shower?

It almost seems like you have to have lotion everywhere you go and applying lotion all day long for dry skin to finally have enough moisture.

You can carry small plastic tubes of Bath & Body works lotion with you everywhere you go and squeeze some one on the hour every hour but no relief for those dry ashy hands.

That is because almost all lotions are water-based and water evaporates. So rub on as much lotion as you want, it will evaporate off of your skin in minutes, leaving your skin thirsty for moisture.

Chronic dry skin did not just happen overnight and needs time to get deeply moisturized, right? Wrong!

What chronic dry chapped skin needs is moisture that stays on your skin, penetrating deeper and deeper into your skin and absorbing through different skin layers over time. It's the constant moisture supply that protects your skin from cracking and peeling.

Nothing is worst than dry skin around the cuticles!

Those hang nails are not only painful and annoying but can as be where bacteria enters. Hard cuticles and chipped nails finally feel soft and smooth. Depending on how dry your skin is, once your skin is deeply moisturized with Butter Bits lotion bars, they stay that way! This powerful moisturizing hand cream stays on your skin even after a few washes.



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